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Hey everyone, this is insanecharizard writing!

Here are the rules and guidelines to submissions please follow them to the best of your ability and always double check that you're submitting to the right folder! ;w; also I'm super open to suggestions and would totally love to hear if anyone had any super good ones! Feel free to note me if you do!~

Digital Art4: Only for DIGITAL media, or any mixed media if mainly done digitally. This also includes any paintings that were done on PhotoShop, Easy Painttool SAI, GIMP, or any other digital painting program. Do NOT submit any traditional art, crafts, or writings into this folder. Please.

Traditional Art4: Only for TRADITIONAL media, or any mixed media if mainly done traditionally. This does NOT include any paintings done on any digital painting program. Just because they're "paintings" doesn't mean they are traditional art. However, you CAN submit pencil drawings, paintings done with PAINT (like watercolors, acrylics, and oils), pastels, colored pencil drawings, marker drawings, and charcoal pieces. DO NOT submit any writings, crafts, or digital pieces into this folder. Please.

Writings: Are for poems, short stories, ongoing novels, etc. Don't put your writings in any other folder but THIS ONE! And, NOTHING ELSE goes into this folder. Please.

Photomanipulations: This folder is for those who create images by using stock or their own photos and editing them usually using photoshop! Very snazzy and popular enough that it deserved it's own folder!

Costumes and Crafts: This seems to be the most confusing folder. This folder isn't just for costumes, please take note of this. If you created a troll or fairy with clay, then IT BELONGS IN THIS FOLDER. Please, if you submit ceramics, claywork, jewelry, costumes, props, or anything else of the sort, put it in this folder. They do not belong in Traditional Art, no matter how you look at it.

Also, please take note:
:bulletblack:You can submit up to 2 works per week per folder. That means each week you can put 2 digital pieces in, 2 traditional pieces in, 2 prose/poetry, and 2 crafts.:bulletblack:
:bulletblue:Nudity is accepted. However, do not submit anything pornographic, please If there is work submitted that I feel is too raunchy for younger viewers I will decline it..:bulletblue:
:bulletblack:Sexual themes are also accepted. (Ie. a sultry vampire seducing their next meal) Just please don't not submit anything pornographic or fetish art as there are many younger members. There is a limit, I hope you all will judge what is and isn't appropriate before submitting, as usual if there is something too inappropriate I will decline the submission:bulletblack:
:bulletblack:If you submit fanwork, please make sure that it is fantasy-related and more than just the character standing there.Be creative!:bulletblack:
:bulletblue:Sci-fi is also accepted.:bulletblue:
:bulletblack: Please try to avoid submitting very faint sketches or very unfinished looking work in general please ;w; If the image you are submitting is too blurry or too sloppy it will be declined, it's important to show your work well and neatly! :bulletblack:


Gallery Folders

Four seasons caribou soft sculpture art dolls! by CreaturesofNat
Eden - Flying Fox Dreamweaver by LuxDani
A Special Mermaid Party by RainaMermaid
Mystic Waterfalls by Ernstilicious
Digital Art4
Themsaa by Velassera
Character Design (Peripeteia) by monicamarie1019
Private Party by Mavrosh
Wolf Song (V2) by KitJoYuki
Traditional Art4
Dead Knight by XimeraIlluusio
Jake the Dog and Finn the Human by MistyTang
apple tree nymph by DreamAmethyst
Seafair by GreyBird4
Photo Manipulations
Spring Fairy by EstherPuche-Art
Always in my heart by EstherPuche-Art
Nerida by Gwendolyn1
Skyline by leostarkoneru
Costumes and Crafts
The Queen of Faeries by Tamiyo-Cosplay
Little Dead Riding Hood by Hearthazard
wanderer of desserts pop up by LaughtonMcCry
Fairy Chair 2-tile by LaBellaMorte
Traditional Art
I Better be a Genie... by The-FractalDjinn
Pegibihorn fight by WickedSorceressCia
Aster -remade- by NihalDarko
Jungle Girl Vs Raptordrake by umbrafox
Traditional Art2
Rest Your Wings by dktaylor
Traditional Art3
Sneak Sneak by FoulOwl
Aragorn by MauricioKanno
Lick Lick by FoulOwl
Theseus by KalePaksi
Digital Art
Dragons - chai-oh CC by RegineSkrydon
Celtic by Alrynn
Birth of the Pink Ram by LudwigMeszter

Mature Content

Morrica -The queen of undead by Thylacinee
Digital Art2
Digital Art3
Ichigo New Hope by Michio11


If you love fantasy and you are a writer, artist, sculptor, etc., this is your home. Whether you are known or not, you can join and submit your art, writings, crafts, etc.

I love fantasy. And I have created many pieces that are not too well known. This is the perfect place for me to show them to even more people. And it's the same for you. Show off your work. Be proud. The more members we get, the more people that will see your work. So tell your friends, family, even enemies. The more the merrier.





Group Info

This group is for anyone interested or has a passion for fantasy.
I hope everyone who joins feels right at home and that this will be a place for people to get their art noticed!
(There's still a whole bunch of kinks being worked out currently so bear with me alright?)

:heart: ~Meggs
Founded 7 Years ago
Dec 28, 2009


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So. I disappeared. Again. Sorry about that.

Though, I do see that Meggs tried for a while in doing upkeep while I was nonexistent on deviantArt. I give her mad props. And I also hope that she doesn't mind what I'm about to do.

So, I have recently opened up the possibility of becoming a Co-Founder to this blog. Whether or not you are accepted is subject to a vote from either me or Meggs (assuming that she still uses dA). I know this sounds ridiculous, and I'm mildly terrified about becoming flooded with requests, but I am only accepting five (5). This isn't necessarily a first come-first serve sort of thing, but I will stop taking requests by... Oh, let's give it until Tuesday, April 29th at Noon EST. This gives people enough time to actually request if they want to.

Um... A few key points if you want to join:

1. Please be a generally better admin than I am. I am horrible, so this requirement should be easy.

2. Beyond being a better admin, please have a sense of organization. That means if you have a set idea of how many submissions to accept per day/hour/week/whatever, that's wonderful. Because I suck at it and someone would do a much better job than me.

3. Also, communicating with the members is important. I did this in the very beginning and it's such a wonderful thing to do. I love talking with people about how to make this community better and looking at everyone's works and such. That was (and still is) my favourite part of being an admin of this group. It's wonderful, and I hope others would love it just as much.

4. If you want to work with our group affiliates, that would be great. I didn't do that much. I promo'd and that's about it. :P

5. Be a team player. Do keep in mind that five people in all will be added to this group. I don't know how long I'll remain in this group as an admin, but I'd love to see everyone working together to bring back this community that used to thrive.

Ehh... I personally don't have any other requirements. Just be friendly and relatively organized and committed to the group and I think you'd be a wonderful addition. Just, please don't be mad if you request and aren't accepted. I'm finally working on actually fixing this group instead of giving all of you wonderful people who have remained empty promises. This is a wonderful group and it needs to be treated better.

I hope you will all understand me, if not entirely forgive.

Much love,

Ange xx
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Hello Fantastical Fantasy :D Exciting News! Clive Barker recently posted on his Facebook that he is currently holding an open art call for submissions in an upcoming Hellraiser graphic novel! All details can be found here!…

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Santinel by SlaaneshG
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